Harvie Ashby is a multi-instrumentalist from Richmond, Virginia and this is his new single ‘Effigy of a Burning Man’. I really wish I could be a multi-anything, whether it be guitars, languages and even a storey-car park, just having that title of “multi-“ seems really badass to me. Harvie, you are badass my friend.

Featuring a wonderfully crisp lo-fi production, ‘Effigy of a Burning Man’ croons it’s way into the heart with a series of jangly acoustic chords producing a fairly straight forward instrumental against Harvie’s echoed vocals, which seem to sing out into the open. The song is dazzled with the odd dashing of lead guitar melodies before it really gets going with a thunderous drum beat and addition of electric goodness, converting it from yet another man-and-his-guitar into a fully formed bold statement. It hits hard, and sounds great. Nice work.


  1. Adam, reading your reviews is always a treat for me, as your humour (see, I spelled it the British way, but I digress…) never fails to entertain and amuse me. And I think you’re a badass multi-talented guy. Oh, and great track too!

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