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It’s crazy how lowered our boundaries are when it comes to nights out. You throw up? It’s still a great night. You spend a ridiculous amount of money and ultimately lose your wallet? It’s still a great night. You stumble home and spill the Pot Noodle you just made in your drunken haze? Hey, it’s still a great night, though that is a little heartbreaking. Still A Great Night have burst onto the scene with their debut single ‘Still A Great Night’ and it is AWESOME.

For real, this song is superb. Still A Great Night blend together a mix of heavy electro pop with spoken word observational deliveries about what’s considered “normal” in today’s modern world, and tops it off with one of the catchiest choruses heard this year. It makes for very entertaining listening, as the spoken word parts flit and flow amongst the noise to deliver a story that’s engaging throughout.

It’s an excellent way to introduce yourself to the world, I am certainly a fan. What a great song.

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