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Cautious Clay – ‘Joshua Tree’ | Single Review

Cautious Clay changes things up for new single 'Joshua Tree'.

Cautious Clay returns with new single ‘Joshua Tree’. It follows from previous single ‘Cold War’ which garnered a lot of streams and a number one listing on The Hype Machine, which is very impressive for a new artist to achieve. Cautious looks to expand upon the minimalist sound of ‘Cold War’ by incorporating a ton of elements into ‘Joshua Tree’ to broaden the horizons and potential of this promising new talent.

And goodness me does it sound good. ‘Joshua Tree’ throws together all sorts of instruments to produce an anthemic listen that seems to soar into the skies. It’s verses feature subtle percussion and bass which work so well against Cautious’ soulful vocals, but it’s the chorus that truly allows the track to shine. Tremendous walls of harmonies, drums and synths collide to create something that takes your breath away, leaving you transfixed and jovial at what’s just happened. It’s superb.

‘Joshua Tree’ is a great song from Cautious Clay, and it’s great to see an artist change up their sound as witnessed here, it often results in big rewards.

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