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VSTRS – ‘Annmaria’ | Single Review

Grab a taste of VSTRS' new record with new single 'Annmaria'.

‘Annmaria’ is the first of two soon-to-be-released singles from VSTRS’ upcoming new album Pandemonium Seesaw (Excellent name). The record isn’t out until November 4th, leaving us plenty of time to get acquainted with this track.

Despite it’s onslaught of guitars and huge drums ‘Annmaria’ trots along at its own pace. It’s mid-tempo vibes allow the instruments to flow effortlessly, creating all sorts of rivers for it to meander through the airwaves with ease. The vocals create an atmosphere that wouldn’t go amiss on a Lou Barlow-led Dinosaur Jr. track, as their breathy quality calls for the instrumental to mellow out just a little. ‘Annmaria’ is a wonderful track that has all the qualities to be a well-rounded hit for all listeners. I cannot wait to hear VSTRS new record. Colour me a fan.

1 comment on “VSTRS – ‘Annmaria’ | Single Review

  1. Listening to more of their songs and they’re amazing!


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