Sounds Good’s Good Sounds | Spotify Playlist (31.10.17)

Welcome to another week of good music! A little earlier than usual as it’s the end of October and well, any opportunity to add Monster Mash to a playlist is an opportunity that should be taken always. I hope you like the fancy new cover to these posts too – I’ve been using Canva for months now so huge thanks to them!

Anyway, this week’s setlist is a mix of gritty distorted guitars, hints of funk, a smidgen of chill and heavy petting electronic music. Oh and the Monster Mash. Enjoy.

Sound Good’s Good Sounds setlist (31.10.17)

Wave Break – ‘Deadlock’ | This emerging act burst onto my inbox last week and have been bursting my eardrums since. Their debut single ‘Deadlock’ is gritty and full of anger, and it makes me feel good.

Scenic Route to Alaska – ‘Slow Down’ | These guys have been around the musical block for a little while now and as they gear up to release a new album in 2018, they’ve dropped lead single ‘Slow Down’. I’ll be talking more about the track later this week, but between you and I…this is good.

Klez – ‘Sons & Daughters’ | Another song I’ll be chatting about later this week, but this is just some feel good music in and out. What’s to hate?

Conditioner – ‘Sleeping Arrangements’ | This indie tune combines upbeat instrumentals with heart hitting lyricism. Well good.

Destroyer – ‘Savage Night at the Opera’ | In honour of Destroyer releasing a new album in ken last week, here’s a track of their glorious Kaputt that made me fall in love with them.

The Alan Parsons Project – ‘I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You’ | As I’m writing this I am one episode away from finishing Mindhunter on Netflix, and this was one of their closing songs. It’s funky, it’s slightly spooky, it’s slightly aroused me.

Exnations – ‘Never About the Money’ | Release of the Week this week! What a jam.

Disclosure – ‘What’s In Your Head’ | This is a song that gets you hot under the collar but also has you shaking your hips too. It’s sexy, it’s funky, it’s gooooooooooood.

Celeste – ‘Not For Me’ | Song of the Week! Much like the Disclosure song, this has a sensual feeling I cannot handle.

Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett – ‘Monster Mash’ | It’s Halloween innit, so how could you not have this playing?!

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