Lisabel | An Interview With

Hello! Welcome to An Interview With. This used to be a regular segment for Sounds Good before taking a little snooze, so I’m super happy to say that interviews will be making a return to proceedings! Our first interview back is with Lisabel, an artist we featured at the start of the month with her superb live performances of the songs ‘My Mister K’ and ‘No More Blues I’m Free’ as part of her Home Live Sessions. In our little chinwag we discuss Lisabel’s influences, her upcoming debut album and what’s next for her and her career. Enjoy!

Hey Lisabel, how’s it going? Hi Adam, I’m great, how are you? (I’m great thank you)

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Sounds Good’s Good Sounds | Spotify Playlist (08.11.2017)

Oh hello! Welcome to another week of Good Sounds. As mentioned in this month’s Liner Notes I am currently taking a little blogging break in order to carve out some time to study, but thought I could keep the playlist going in the meantime. There’s actually TEN of you guys following it at the moment which is phenomenal, thank you so much for that.

This week’s setlist contains a mix of songs new and old, with some recommended from other music bloggers too as well as some absolute classics. I’ve been a little chilled this week so the music taste has become a little more eclectic, which I think shows in this week’s list. Anyway, happy listening and enjoy!

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Conditioner – ‘Sleeping Arrangements’ | Single Review

What’s everybody’s sleeping arrangements currently? Mine is the traditional route of sleeping in my bed, though sometimes I do have a sleepover at my other half’s. There’s even been a couple times where I have slept in a bed of a friend’s…with them in it. Nothing weird, just two buds enjoying the journey into ZZZuperstardom. ‘Sleeping Arrangements’ is the new single from emerging act Conditioner, who are about to embark on a bunch of live shows. Have fun lads.

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