Klez – ‘Sons & Daughters’ | Single Review

‘Sons & Daughters’ is the new single from California’s own Klez. This guy has been steadily making a name for himself over the past year with a string of singles that all seem to bring back the fun in listening to music again. I remember becoming obsessed with previous single ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Fool’ and well, now I’m obsessed with the new single too.

While the track does pack a punch with it’s anthemic elements from the drawn out moments of banging drums and hollaing vocals, ‘Sons & Daughters’ does make sure to get into the swing of things for it’s chorus. GOOD LORD IS THIS CHORUS GREAT, as it picks up the pace and brings everything together to create a glorious collision of 50’s-tinged funk that immediately uplifts proceedings. It is undeniably catchy, and very easy to enjoy. A great song.

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