Hello! Welcome to November’s Liner Notes. It’s crazy that this is the penultimate one of the year! 2017 has flown by at a tremendous rate and quite frankly, it’s scary how little I remember of it. Anyway! This is gonna be short as I don’t really know have a lot to talk about aside from a couple things.

First thing will be a quick shoutout to Canva. Since the summer I’ve been using Canva to create title pictures like the one above and for the past Liner Notes and Spotify Playlists, as well as banners for the Facebook / Twitter and Soundcloud pages, and have done a really rubbish job at giving them props. So thank you, Canva, for being so wonderful. They actually got in touch the other week and while they could have easily sued me to the ground, they said thanks instead. So that was cool, thanks guys.

Now on to the main part of this. If the title hasn’t given it away, I will be taking another break away from blogging and social media-ing for the next couple weeks. The reason for that is I’ll be attempting to pass my IOC mock exam for the second time, and only have two weeks to learn everything to do with Finance. As boring as that is, it would allow me to show some progression in my three years there. So whatev.

So yeah, there’ll be content on Friday and then silence until after the 14th at least. I’m a busy boy this month so the break might extend even longer but I’ll let you guys know what happens. Have a wonderful November. Goodbye forever! Until next month. – Adam xoxox.


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