Lisabel is a singer-songwriter from London and this is her new video from the Home Live Sessions of the tracks ‘My Mister K/No More Blues I’m Free’. I let slip that I was a big fan of her on last week’s Playlist post in which her track ‘I’m More Than One’ appealed to me in more ways than one, and am excited to talk about this now too.

Armed with her vocals and a keyboard player, Lisabel takes us through two songs that are Soulful beyond belief, bringing a strong Lianne La Havas/Tuxedo vibe to the airwaves, which are performed so beautifully. Lisabel’s voice directs the keys throughout the video, often providing the harmonies and hooks that really helps keep things flowing together nicely, and I’m taken along for the ride too. It’s wonderful.

Both tracks have a real old-school 50’s swing to them, with ‘No More Blues I’m Free’ featuring an instrumental that speaks more from the hips than the heartached-ballad of ‘My Mister K’. It just makes for wonderful listening, and yeah, I’m hooked.


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