What’s everybody’s sleeping arrangements currently? Mine is the traditional route of sleeping in my bed, though sometimes I do have a sleepover at my other half’s. There’s even been a couple times where I have slept in a bed of a friend’s…with them in it. Nothing weird, just two buds enjoying the journey into ZZZuperstardom. ‘Sleeping Arrangements’ is the new single from emerging act Conditioner, who are about to embark on a bunch of live shows. Have fun lads.

‘Sleeping Arrangements’ is a little dose of sunshine with sweeping synthesisers soaring high into the sky to boop the sun on the nose with it’s upbeat sounds. The soaring sounds wash over warm basslines, preppy drums and vocals that seem to float effortlessly from hook to hook. It makes for some seriously easy listening, which considering the topic (trauma of a collapsing relationship) seems to add a nice sense of positivity into your ears too. That is real nice.


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