Scenic Route to Alaska are preparing to drop their new album in 2018 but in the mean time we’ve got lead single ‘Slow Down’ to enjoy. This track is all about trying to maintain a steady balance in a hectic lifestyle, which harks back to their life on the road for most of 2016/2017. I can totally empathise with these guys, as sometimes I fall over while walking.

With it’s ridiculous amount of memorable lyrics you could take as good advice, ‘Slow Down’ is a track that rocks just as good as it tries to reflect. It’s main riff is full of a certain kind of disjointed groove that appeals to me, and the hooks are textbook in their execution, as simple as they may seem. It’s a track that offers a lot of what to expect from Scenic Route to Alaska’s new album, and personally, I’m expecting a lot now. What a cool tune.


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