Sounds Good’s Good Sounds | Spotify Playlist (08.11.2017)

Oh hello! Welcome to another week of Good Sounds. As mentioned in this month’s Liner Notes I am currently taking a little blogging break in order to carve out some time to study, but thought I could keep the playlist going in the meantime. There’s actually TEN of you guys following it at the moment which is phenomenal, thank you so much for that.

This week’s setlist contains a mix of songs new and old, with some recommended from other music bloggers too as well as some absolute classics. I’ve been a little chilled this week so the music taste has become a little more eclectic, which I think shows in this week’s list. Anyway, happy listening and enjoy!

Sounds Good’s Good Sounds setlist (08.11.2017)

The Undertones – ‘Teenage Kicks’ | This song is just a classic, and I’m currently enjoying playing it on guitar. Such a tune.

Darrah – ‘Stars’ | The new single from local lad Darrah is a solid expansion on debut single ‘Can’t Tax the Sun‘, excited to hear more from this emerging solo act.

Sinkane – ‘Favorite Song’ | Spotify’s Discover Weekly delivered the goods with this undeniably catchy tune.

Victoria Celestine – ‘Can You Hear the Echo?’ | The new single from Victoria Celestine is an upbeat indie pop tune with interesting percussion and spacious synths. Very good.

Truitt – ‘Tokyo’ | I’ve been a huge fan of Truitt for a long time and recently fell in love with their latest single ‘Tokyo’. So good.

Bülow – ‘Not A Love Song’ | Bülow is brand new to the music world and recently dropped her debut Damaged Vol. 1 and it is well good. Single ‘Not A Love Song’ goes against the traditional songs we hear nowadays, and it just sounds really good.

Bilderbuch – ‘Spliff’ | Grooves. Grooves. GROOVES. Bilderbuch worship the time of 4:20 to spark up a track that’s full of funky drums, strutting basslines and guitars that tear through the mix. Awesome stuff.

Werewolf Diskdrive – ‘Crunchy’ | I grabbed this recommendation from the always-excellent Indietry. As well as having a badass name, Werewolf Diskdrive deliver a hellacious mix of lo-fi electronic with ‘Crunchy’. It glitches and skats it’s way onto the dancefloor, and busts out the strangest shapes imaginable.

Bill Wyman – ‘(Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star’ | The ever-annoying Mytacism Music recommended this song and I have no idea why. It’s strange, and I can’t help but feel I’m not part of an inside joke here, but nevermind. Here it is, Emily.

Philip Bailey, Phil Collins – ‘Easy Lover’ | You have not lived until you’re tearing it down the motorway with this song blaring out the speakers. What a classic.

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