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Hello! Welcome to An Interview With. This used to be a regular segment for Sounds Good before taking a little snooze, so I’m super happy to say that interviews will be making a return to proceedings! Our first interview back is with Lisabel, an artist we featured at the start of the month with her superb live performances of the songs ‘My Mister K’ and ‘No More Blues I’m Free’ as part of her Home Live Sessions. In our little chinwag we discuss Lisabel’s influences, her upcoming debut album and what’s next for her and her career. Enjoy!

Hey Lisabel, how’s it going? Hi Adam, I’m great, how are you? (I’m great thank you)

You’re pretty brand new to the music world, so what’s the story behind why you wanted to create music of your own? I’ve been playing and singing for a while now but I was caught up in my musical studies until recently so in the meantime I was enjoying songwriting and experimenting with different projects before releasing original music. I started writing when I was 16 but I only started to feel confident and satisfied with my music a couple of years ago… It’s that type of inspiration that feeds your creativity and you just follow every bit of it without doubting it; I trusted my instincts.

You’ve recently dropped a video of your Home Live session performance. How was that? and are we to expect the two songs on it to appear on your forthcoming debut album? The songs ‘My Mister K/No More Blues I’m Free’ will be on the album with a different vibe! They are very special songs for me, they talk about an important moment of my life where I felt awaken by love. I did a live acoustic video to showcase the songwriting without a big arrangement and I decided to do it in my home because I could create the right atmosphere to represent the songs and myself. I was really lucky to have on piano Nikola Kovacevic who I’m also working with on producing my album.

Speaking of your debut record, what details can you give about it? The album is in the making…I have a strong vision for the sound I’d like to get out of it, but I think things can always change while in the process. It will definitely be a collection of my life’s stories but…I can’t tell you just yet what the title will be but it will be released some time in 2018. I really can’t wait for everyone to hear the things I have to say and the sounds I love.

So you’re originally from Italy, but are located here in London. What made you decide to make the jump to the UK? How are you finding life here? When I was little I was exposed mainly to international music. I never sung in Italian simply because the music I was listening to was always sung in English and the style of music that I liked wasn’t necessarily played by Italian artists. When I decided to continue my musical studies I chose London because I knew it was a great city to pursue music. Life here is great, the city brings satisfaction in terms of music but it’s very demanding and difficult to live in…I love nature and quiet places!

Your bio states that your songwriting is often inspired by personal experiences and stories. Do you find it’s easier to write songs based around intimate details? Definitely…I’m inspired by everything around me that catches my eyes or connects to my soul…I write about love, friendships, society, my beliefs and the power of nature is also a big subject in my writing.

What’s next for Lisabel? More new music, live shows etc? At the moment I’m concentrating on the production of the album but I’ve had the pleasure of working with great artists and friends this past year. I enjoy taking parts of other people’s projects and visions, it makes me grow.

I’ve done a live show last month with my original music but there’s nothing planned for the next couple of months…I’m doing my best to resist the temptation of gigging with my music because I want to play it live when everything is in the right place, including all the sounds and arrangements.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? My final thought is…Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you, I’m very happy you’ve enjoyed the live video and some of my previous recordings! Grazie!

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