NEW BLOG DESIGN! | Tiny Update

Hello everybody! As you can tell, the blog has had a little update in terms of design! I had a little burst of creativity late last night and this is the result. Personally I think this is the best Sounds Good has EVER looked, and just wanted to talk about some of the details that are now on the blog. This has proper tickled my fancy for being nerdy, so allow me to enjoy this a little bit.

The main purpose of the redesign was to clean things up a bit and have the blog looking sleek and organised. Firstly, the social media widgets have been scrapped in favour of four icons along the top and bottom which are linked to the Sounds Good profiles on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud. The widgets clogged things up and made it a little slow, so to have these removed has allowed things to feel a little lighter and leaner.

The menu now has tabs on all reviews, as well as newly added access to ALL of the segments the blog features like Release/Song of the Week, Liner Notes, An Interview With, and the Sounds Good Playlist. This was something sorely lacking previously, as the blog never had designated slots to these segments, so to finally have straight forward access to these is good.

Lastly, there is now a Mood tab on the menu. This is basically to help condense all of the music featured into pretty broad terms, allowing for readers to head straight to the music they fancy hearing. At the moment there are three sections – “Acoustic”, “Grooves” and “Guitars” – but I will add more if necessary. The music featured can vary each week, so I think this is a pretty good way of dividing the content up into something everybody can enjoy, without having to wade through pages and pages in order to hear more of what they like.

So yeah, that’s about it! I hope you love the redesign as much as I do. I can only apologise for the lack of content in recent times, this ongoing exam saga is dragging out much longer than I’d like. The blog will return with new content very soon though, so please keep being patient. Thank you, love you. – Adam xoxox.

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