Young Earth are a band from Ireland and this is their debut EP Frequency Illusion. Sometimes the stars align and a glorious dose of music enters my inbox and smacks me across the face with it’s glory, and this is one of those times. I have been listening to this EP non-stop and it is so, so good.

The quartet produce an indie-rock sound that’s steeped in fuzzy guitars and all of your traditional indie elements but also comes with an eye for a good groove too. The title track kicks off the EP with a performance filled with easy-going riffs and equally pleasing hooks to immediately get this young band’s debut off to a good start. Fortunately this formula bleeds into the rest of the EP as personal highlight ‘Worth It’ absolutely nails it’s attempt at becoming an indie hit. The flitting guitar melodies, the beefy guitars and the relatable chorus illustrating young love all blend together to immediately bring a fan out of me. Great song.

‘Got a Secret’ sees Young Earth dive into a direction that gets the hips swinging and the heads bobbing, as it’s instrumental thrives under a palm-muted disco swing and a vocal performance that swoons and croons it’s way to the dancefloor. ‘Undercover’ follows suit with an equally funky instrumental packed with hooks that are simple but absolutely deadly in execution, while ‘Let Go’ brings an end to Frequency Illusion with a final swan song.

Frequency Illusion is one of the best EPs I’ve heard all year. Young Earth have dazzled and shone and amazed with this debut offering, and yep, this is their debut. This young band has delivered tremendously with this. This is great. Listen to it now. Right now. Become a fan. Recommend the band to people. You will be seen as a god.


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