Bella Spinks – ‘Noble Lie’ | Single Review

‘Noble Lie’ is the newest single from Brighton’s Bella Spinks. It’s the first single to come from her upcoming debut album, and you know, I’ve told a noble lie before. A couple years ago I was interviewed for a position as an apprentice in IT, and halfway through it I was asked if I had experience in any software that created code used to create websites. Naturally I said “yes, I’m experienced in C++ as I had done it in college” which was true, but little did they know (mainly because they cut me off) that infact I was absolutely terrible at it. They hired me anyway, and I was fired a month later. You might be wondering what the noble thing is, and I don’t blame you, but clearly it’s the way that I let them see that I was absolutely terrible at coding websites.

Bella Spinks’ new single is a myriad of wondrous sounds coming together to produce something that’s catchy but full of impact. Looping synths and piano sections create a whirlwind of Pop goodness that rotate endlessly through the airwaves, pairing up with Bella’s powerful voice and equally hard hitting lyricism. The chorus is immediately thrown into my face, and I cannot get enough of it. ‘Noble Lie’ is a very good song, and I’m excited to hear more from Bella and her new album.

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