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Cavalcade – ‘Bat Your Lashes’ | Single Review

You know how sometimes you feature an artist and it’s like your child coming home to visit? My little babies Cavalcade return with their new single ‘Bat Your Lashes’ and it looks set to be their heaviest track yet. Awesome.

Kicking off with a heavy set of haymakers to the brain, this track immediately comes FILLED with guitars determined to vent some anger. The vocals passionately lay down a set of lyrics calling out a certain somebody on their bullshit and attempt to play nice, which pairs up nicely against the balls to the wall instrumental which seems on the verge of blowing out the speakers. The addition of frantic piano keys adds to the urgency of the track, and it all just makes for some hard hitting listening.

Cavalcade have been dear to my heart over the last year and they get better and better with every release. ‘Bat Your Lashes’ is their most entertaining single yet, and I cannot wait to hear more from them soon.

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