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Lauren Strange – Salt | EP Review

Lauren Strange's new EP Salt is dead good.

Lauren Strange is a singer-songwriter from Memphis and this is her new EP Salt. Lauren has been steadily crafting her sound since 2014’s debut Say Yes and well, the result is an EP that explodes with guitars. Guitars everywhere. I love it.

‘If I Could’ produces a special blend of Lauren’s heartfelt vocals and lyrics alongside guitars that rip and tear their way through the airwaves. The riffs, melodies and additional licks sound straight out of the realm of Pixies/Cage The Elephant/Dinosaur Jr, as they deliver numerous layers of hard-hitting sounds against crashing drums to make this heartfelt ballad absolutely badass.

Single ‘Good Person’ kicks off with a riff and drum combo that seems to snap into a groove, projecting an off-kilter funk that lines up nicely with Lauren’s vocals. Once again the guitars take centre stage as the chorus erupts with power chords aplenty before mellowing back into the main riff very nicely.

Salt is a very good EP. Lauren Strange has managed to produce a lot of noise and made waves with this EP despite its short number of tracks, but fortunately each of them have enough gusto about them to warrant repeated listens. I’m quite glad to hear an emerging artist bring some heavy grunge vibes into modern times, and Salt is a very good example of that.

5 comments on “Lauren Strange – Salt | EP Review

  1. A glorious song, Adam!

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