Jade The Moon – ‘Hotels’ | Single Review

I’m a huge fan of Jade The Moon, and believe she is one of the more underrated artists around today. Her new single ‘Hotels’ comes as a little taste of what to expect from her upcoming album 11:11 which is set to be released early next year, and it details experiences of what it’s like to be live life on the road, as well as being a little influenced by Quentin Tarantino’s 4 Rooms. Personally I think that’s awesome, though I’m hoping for a little less feet.

As traditional with Jade The Moon’s music, ‘Hotels’ flourishes in it’s subtle details. The slight pulsations of the bass, the breathy vocals in the back ground and the deep sounds of the synthesiser make up an instrumental that sounds shy in execution but full of life upon closer inspection. It gains its voice for the chorus, which blooms into a wondrous soundscape full of scattered drums and robotic synths that seem to loop forever. It’s wonderful.

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