Lean – ‘Heatwave’ | Release of the Week

Ooooooooooooooh boy, it sure is chilly these days. My cockles are frozen and my hands are red with the bite of the cold. I need something to melt away this ice cold chill and get me feeling warm in my tummy again. OH! Hold on a second, this might work – ‘Heatwave’, the new single from new act Lean. This is the third single from these guys, and goodness me have they had a good first year. Their debut single ‘Come Back’ appeared on numerous playlists and blogs, whilst ‘Years’ confirmed that yeah, these guys are gonna be good. ‘Heatwave’ looks to keep the momentum going and it certainly does indeed.

‘Heatwave’ kicks in with a guitar riff that immediately seeps into the hips, alongside a chugging drum beat that’s steeped in rhythm, before the duo throw in all sorts of hooks to get this track sounding spicy. It’s brilliantly infectious, and I’m sick from it’s goodness. This is the necessary song needed to get through winter, and I’m so glad it exists.

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