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Ralfy – ‘Terribly Cute’ | Song of the Week

Ralfy's here with new single 'Terribly Cute'! Check it out, it's...well, you can guess.

You know, sometimes things can be seen as a little too cute. You know? Videos of Pigs in Santa hats eating birthday cake? Cute. Little kids experiencing Christmas for the first time? Cute. A billion videos of your kid singing a song horribly? Piss off Susan, that’s not cute. Anyway…’Terribly Cute’ is the new single from emerging artist Ralfy, who is looking to release his debut EP Flabby White Boy early next year, and it is cute.

‘Terribly Cute’ is an honest, open tune as Ralfy details his feelings towards a particular someone and regales tales of them in his bed and how they’re always in his head. It’s all terribly cute lyrics indeed, and what stands it out from the rest is it’s scrappy, groovy instrumental. Fast flurries of guitars add a certain enthusiasm to this outpour of love, and turn this track from an everyday ballad into a glorious moment of youthful extravagance. It’s magnificent.

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