Cooler – ‘Buried’ | Single Review

Cooler are a three piece from overseas and this is their new single ‘Buried’, coming from their upcoming EP which is due out next month. ‘Buried’ is all about being a shut in, which immediately resonates with me. I love being indoors and having time to myself, and often wonder what the point of being outside is. Does anybody really wanna be outside anyway?

With shimmering guitars and dreamy drums, ‘Buried’ instantly creates an atmosphere that’s perfect for tucking into your bed with the lights off. Cooler does a great job at throwing all sorts of melodies into the mix to keep this idyllic mood refreshed with a myriad of starry night skies, washing over a strong sense of calm in it’s ability to step away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It’s a wonderful song, and one that I could enjoy in bed forever.

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