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Welcome to another interview with! This time it’s with Sexghost, a band who released an EP a little while back titled Sexghost//Sexhoax. It’s an EP that very creativity tells the tale of four boys terrorised by a sexy ghost, and somehow makes it one of the sexiest records of the year. Obviously that creativity has got to be applauded and celebrated, so very fortunately I managed to have a little chat with Jacob and Will from the band. I personally wanna thank the guys for taking the time to provide some very entertaining answers too. Please enjoy the interview, and be safe from the Sexghost.

Hey Sexghost, how’s it going? W: Good, you? Swimmingly. J: Oh you know. Good. Aside from the possession and eternal damnation.

What’s the story behind the formation of Sexghost? And possibly more importantly, who is the Sexghost? W: Sexghost came about when our friend was telling us this story at a Christmas party. He had stayed overnight at this house by the university, in a neighborhood that was built in the 50’s, and in the night as he’s sleeping and he’s visited by this ghost. It’s almost a dream within a dream, cause she appears to him, floating down over him, and when it’s done he wakes up into this other dream where she’s sitting on the bed with him, and he could feel her. So we heard this story and we said we gotta start a band. We have to tell this story. This is the concept.

J: Yeah and it’s kind of crazy because we know a bunch of different people from that house who have said the same thing. The other interesting thing is that some people see a guy, some people see a girl, and some people just feel a presence.

You’ve recently released a new EP in Sexghost//Sexhoax. Are you happy with how it turned out? W: We’re happy to get it completed and put it out there. We recorded it ourselves, and it’s a project we started way back, so it’s nice to have something to show for it.

J: I’m very happy with how it turned out. We have been working on it on and off since we started playing together so it’s really cool to see elements of the EP stretch across the history of the band. I am pretty sure there is a vocal track on it that Will recorded in December 2012, a few months before the band even started. To hear that next to “She Sifted (Through My Arms)” which we recorded live off the floor a week before the EP came out is great. And Will produced the EP, so it was always great hearing little elements that we talked about when we were jamming show up on the recordings.

What was the inspiration behind splitting the EP into two sections? W: We were planning to release the EP on cassette, so we were coming at it from an a-side/b-side perspective, and it just worked out that we had six songs, and in the middle were sexghost and sex hoax. And they’re the two sides of the story, the believer and the skeptic.

J: Everything kind of just fell into place. Early on, Kevin had this idea to get a skeptic’s point of view as well, like as if a scientist is responding to our claims of the Sexghost and essentially telling us ‘You guys are full of shit. Ghosts aren’t real.’ So, like Will is saying, the dichotomy of the believer and the skeptic kind of emerged. And then when we looked at the six songs we wanted to put on the EP, they slotted into those two sides perfectly.

The Sexghost half seems grittier in it’s sound and desires whereas Sexhoax mellowed out a little. Was this a conscious decision to create that contrast? J: Cool, yeah I think that is the by-product of that Hoax vs Ghost thing. We’ve got three songs at the start where we lay out the story of the Sexghost, the Sexghost appears, and then, in the middle, being swallowed by love with the Sexghost… followed by three songs climbing out of that hole, where there is immediate skepticism and scientific assessment of it, the Sexghost disappearing and then calling back for the ghost. She floats down, then sifts away.

What’s next for Sexghost? Live shows, more music? W: What’s next? More ghost fucking! Naw. We’re gonna try recording a second EP on a long timeline, to close the narrative. We’re also looking at collaborating with a filmmaker from Toronto on a music video for “sexghost”.

J: Well I’m going to try and find a way to stop the ghost from possessing our listeners and wreaking havoc on their ectoplasmic auras. It’s just a mess dealing with that. But yeah, the four of us are always doing all sorts of other projects so we have been tossing around a few ideas about where to go next with Sexghost. There is definitely another EP worth of songs, but I feel like we need maybe a public seance or two in the future. You know… for public safety’s sake.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. If you could sign off this interview with one final thought or request that would be great. Take it away! J: The ghost has already figured out how to use the internet, so if you are reading this be warned. The Sex Ghost has probably already sifted out through your USB port and into your house. You’ll get used to being haunted, don’t worry. It ain’t so bad.

W: Thanks for taking an interest in four bearded boys singing songs about a groovy ghost.

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