Jumanji is one of the greatest films ever made. Simply put. There also appears to be a couple Jumanji popping up this year. The first being the new film with The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black which, thankfully, doesn’t look too awful, but there’s also a new band in the name of Jumanji who look set to take us on an adventure akin to the feature length. They’ve returned with a brand new single in the form of ‘Constellations’ and look to build upon the promising foundations that have arisen thus far.

With a guitar riff determined to bounce into your eardrums, ‘Constellations’ is a feel good song destined to make you smile. It’s instrumental is flooded with all sorts of percussion that tip toe into the hips, while the female vocals soar into the sky. It’s a wonderfully broad sound from a band beginning to find their feet, and it’s great.

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