Loved List 2018

Loved List 2018 | Sounds Good

Welcome to the Loved List! This is a collection of all of the music featured on Sounds Good that tickled our fancy. Like, really tickled our fancy. A lot of good music gets featured on the blog each week, but this is a list dedicated to the music that has since become part of our everyday listening. Enjoy.

Jeff Rosenstock – POST-
Shopping – The Official Body
Marmozets – Knowing What You Know Now

Patawawa – Bedroom
Twin Ritual – Hand Through The Mist
No Hot Ashes – Skint Kids Disco

Isaac Gracie – ‘Terrified
Patawawa – ‘Patagonia
V A L E – ‘Fire’ & ‘Better Place
Colin Magalong – ‘Blossom’ & ‘Bodies In A Room
Tuxedo – ‘Shy
Team Picture – ‘(I Want Your) Life Hack
Dish Pit – ‘Trash Queen
Coleman Hell – ‘Killer
Bad Flamingo – ‘Running From The Lawman
Nomero – ‘Flows


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