Loved List 2018

Loved List 2018 | Sounds Good

The Loved List is a collection of all the Albums / EPs / Singles featured on the Sounds Good throughout 2018 that personally became my favourite releases of the year. A lot of good music gets featured every week on the blog. Some that will either pique interest immediately or simply fall under the radar, so this list will look to ensure you don’t miss anything that you should treat your lugholes to.


Jeff Rosenstock – POST-
Shopping – The Official Body
Marmozets – Knowing What You Know Now
Franz FerdinandAlways Ascending
Fox MedicineGreetings From Mars


God On My Right – Swallow
Duncan WoodWhere Am I?
Patawawa – Bedroom
The CrowleysColours Change Their Tone


Isaac Gracie – ‘Terrified
Patawawa – ‘Patagonia
Yacht Punk – ‘Existential Freakout
Benny Mayne – ‘Bounce
V A L E – ‘Fire
Firestations – ‘Build A Building
Fulton Lee – ‘Water


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