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Richie Ashwin – ‘For You’ | Single Review

Richie Ashwin's 'For You' gets us feeling mildly naughty.

Richie Ashwin is a singer-songwriter from the South of England and this is his new single ‘For You’. Sometimes music revels in it’s ability to be subtle, and also a little bit sexy too. This is easily one of those songs, so let’s get some candles going, turn the lights down, and take off those Bob’s Burgers pants. It’s time to get down.

From the get go, the instrumental immediately adds a bit of smoky, sexual tension into the atmosphere thanks to this bluesy, reverb-heavy guitar that’s seemingly allowed to play endless melodies throughout, while Richie’s vocals lie on a level of breathiness that gets things a little hot under the collar. The subtle drums in the background add a little texture to the mix, and the whole thing seems to excel in this little RnB bubble.

‘For You’ is a good track with numerous layers in it’s lyricism to warrant several repeat listens. The instrumental is very smooth and catchy beyond belief, and certainly leaves you in a trance. Now, where did I put those Bob’s Burgers pants?

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