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Yacht Punk – ‘Existential Freakout’ | Single Review

Yacht Punk's 'Existential Freakout' is a very dancy dive in the dark.

‘Existential Freakout’ is the new single from brand new band Yacht Punk. The project originally came from the mind of Graham Bockmiller after having an…existential freakout, and ended a prior band before starting up Yacht Punk. I had a similar freakout a couple years back when I became so overwhelmed with life and was unhappy with all of the decisions I had to make, so in the end I shut myself in my room, had a little think in the dark for around 20 minutes, and finally picked up the phone to order pizza from Domino’s. I’m sorry Papa John’s, I’m sorry Pizza GoGo.

‘Existential Freakout’ is the third single to come from this emerging act and it is scarily assured. It saunters into the airwaves with a catchy bassline and equally infectious drum beat, conjuring up a desire to make the shadows dance. Hiding amongst the distorted grooves is a rhythm section full of bells, cowbell and guitars that helps build the suspense of the track which really allows it to flourish in it’s choruses. It’s a great track, and for something so dark it is so very groovy.

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