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Sure Sure – Giants | Single Review

One of the biggest things I try to push through Sounds Good is positivity. Positive vibes makes for positive times, and that’s why I actively stray away from posting negative reviews or thoughts on music because there’s already too much of that occurring in the music review/blogging business. Naturally, when other people stay on the right side of the bed I gravitate to them and immediately wish to stay in their company forever, and Sure Sure are those people. Having raved about their track ‘Koreatown’ last year they return with new single ‘Giants’, which is the opening track to their debut album Sure Sure.

With a bouncy acoustic guitar, twinkling pianos and vocals full of happiness this song is so freakin’ LOVELY it makes me wish to explode into a thousand pieces of confetti. ‘Giants’ has such an infectious quality to it that you cannot help but feel uplifted by it’s charm, and it even comes with a little bridge to melancholic seas just to add to the emotive pull it has over you. It’s wonderful, I love it so much. Now to listen to new record, which I’m sure will make me puke rainbows, but that excites me.

4 comments on “Sure Sure – Giants | Single Review

  1. What a brilliant article and so up. So up that I clicked on the link and started smiling. Great track, thank you for sharing 👏🏻

  2. Adam, your reviews always make me happy. I adore your line: ‘so freakin’ LOVELY it makes me wish to explode into a thousand pieces of confetti.’ And I agree with you about writing only positive reviews. There’s already too much negativity in the world.

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