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V A L E – ‘Fire’ | PREMIERE

East Midlands duo V A L E deliver a hit with their debut 'Fire', out now!

Released today, ‘Fire’ is the debut single from East Midlands duo V A L E. Will Bond and Olly Walton have been friends since school and spent a lot of last year writing and recording, and the first taste of those sessions comes in the form of ‘Fire’. It’s a dazzling display of feel good music, and I’m so glad we get to premiere it for your listening pleasure.

This single has everything you could want from a banger: an ascending tempo, warm basslines and synths upon synths upon synths. V A L E pack this track with numerous beats and melodies that either pack a punch or broaden the horizons with it’s upbeat sound. The chorus is a wonderful explosion that seems to come straight the 80’s, and the inclusion of guitar towards the end is a very nice touch.

‘Fire’ is indeed, absolute fire. V A L E have delivered a hit for their first offering and I cannot wait to hear more from this promising duo. Check out their Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud pages and tell all your friends.


5 comments on “V A L E – ‘Fire’ | PREMIERE

  1. I love it! A ‘dazzling display of feel good music’ indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

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