Single Review

Line Leader – ‘Jaded’ | Single Review

Musical preferences can be a funny thing. Sometimes you want something smooth, something heavy, something nerdy, something frantic and something blue. What preference do you have right now? Is it a preference that’s oddly detailed enough to say “Hello there Adam, I’d like to listen to the track ‘Jaded’ by Line Leader!”? Well holy shitballs,… Continue reading Line Leader – ‘Jaded’ | Single Review

Single Review

Old Swing – ‘Time’ | Single Review

‘Time’ is the debut single from London quartet Old Swing and well, what a way to kick off your musical career. Did anyone ever spend their childhood playing on the swings? There’d always be a local playground which would be weathered by the seasons and be left derelict until the time came to make an… Continue reading Old Swing – ‘Time’ | Single Review


Good Sounds Playlist | 26.02.2018

It's Monday! You know what that means? YEP. Another week, another Good Sounds Playlist. Here are ten songs from ten artists who you may or may not have heard of before, all providing some speaker candy for your ears. That's nice! As always, don't forget to check out each of the artists and give them… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 26.02.2018

EP Review, Release of the Week

Twin Ritual – Hand Through the Mist | Release of the Week

Twin Ritual are a four-piece and this is their debut EP Hand Through The Mist. I stumbled upon these guys via their new single ‘Is It Paranoia’ and well, colour me paranoid. Much like Shopping’s The Official Body, my ears were treated to a dazzling round of groovy groove groove grooves. It’s punchy bassline battles… Continue reading Twin Ritual – Hand Through the Mist | Release of the Week

Single Review, Song of the Week

Colin Magalong – ‘Blossom’ | Song of the Week

Holy god this is a great song. ‘Blossom’ is the debut single from Colin Magalong, an artist from San Francisco who makes you wanna singalong to Magalong. There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding this guy already and after listening to this, it’s easy to see why. Complete with disco grooves, funky synths… Continue reading Colin Magalong – ‘Blossom’ | Song of the Week