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Little Brother Eli – ‘Tooth’ | Single Review

Little Brother Eli is a fourpiece from Oxford and this is their new single ‘Tooth’. They’ve said that with this new release comes a little delve into a new direction as they experiment with disco rhythms and electronic sounds, something that appeals to me greatly. Disco is a former guilty pleasure of mine, until a couple years ago where it became clear that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The new direction comes into full swing immediately as ‘Tooth’ gives a stop/start intro that’s thick with a groove that’s so off-kilter it could make me fall out of my chair. The pairing of the raw vocals and the gritty instruments creates a wonderful sound that seems a little rough around the edges but the band keep it relatively assured as the track pops off with a hard hitting chorus that brings the guitars and electronics together to really mess with the airwaves. It’s awesome.

‘Tooth’ is a great song from Little Brother Eli and I’m excited to hear more from this new sound if they choose to stick with it. Anything that’s got a bit of swing to it is candy for the ears so if these guys produce any more material then it seems my ears will get diabetes.

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