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Casual Male – ‘Time, Wasted’ | Single Review

Casual Male’s just released their debut EP EP and the lead single ‘Time, Wasted’ is something that hits a little close to home. We’ve all wasted a little bit of our time, haven’t we? At 24 years old I often look back and wonder why I spent three years in a relationship that wasn’t helping me grow, or why I’ve dedicated over 100 hours on three different editions of Football Manager. Time is something that seems to speed up as we get older, and not only is that terrifying, but at least we have the frantic pace of ‘Time, Wasted’ to ease that pain.

With a forever rolling drum beat, Casual Male does a great job at creating a lot of energy in this burst of sound. Thunderous walls of distorted guitars are formed with wonderful little licks added as detail throughout, which pairs up nicely with the almost content sounding vocals. ‘Time, Wasted’ is a song determined to make up for long time, but does so in a way that’s catchy, upbeat and ever so slightly looking forward to wasting time in the future. Nice work.

1 comment on “Casual Male – ‘Time, Wasted’ | Single Review

  1. If you think the passage of time seems to be speeding up at your tender age of 24, just wait until you reach my advanced age! An hour now seems to fly by in an instant! I’ll start on a review with the thought it’ll take me a couple of hours, and suddenly it’s four hours later and I’m nowhere near finished!

    Great song!

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