Good Sounds Playlist | 19.02.2018

Morning everybody! Welcome to another week, which means another round of good sounds courtesy of the Good Sounds Playlist! This week’s playlist comprises entirely of artists you may not have heard before, which means it’s 10 brand new artists for you to become a fan of! Awesome. As always, enjoy the sounds and make sure to share and big up all of the artists featured as well as the playlist itself wherever you can. Enjoy!

Good Sounds Playlist – 19.02.2018:

Spectre Hearts – ‘Liar’

Leah Capelle – ‘Docs’

Larkins – ‘Something Beautiful’

Qualms – ‘Laugh’

Toledo – ‘Crane Song’

Sunday Morning Astronauts – ‘Never Fade to Black’

Shuba – ‘Stupid’

Jon Vinyl – ‘Cherry Blossom’

United Power Soul – ‘Moving Fast 4 U’

Kev Howell – ‘Distance’

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