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Line Leader – ‘Jaded’ | Single Review

Musical preferences can be a funny thing. Sometimes you want something smooth, something heavy, something nerdy, something frantic and something blue. What preference do you have right now? Is it a preference that’s oddly detailed enough to say “Hello there Adam, I’d like to listen to the track ‘Jaded’ by Line Leader!”? Well holy shitballs, today’s your lucky day, my friend.

With their debut album Wilt being re-released on cassette on 2nd March comes lead single ‘Jaded’. If you like to have a sense of danger with regards to a track’s wellbeing then Line Leader is the band for you. ‘Jaded’ is full of guitars, delivering gnarly walls of thick riffage determined to fall apart. The drums seem to have an endless supply of stamina and celebrate that by smashing the dick out of it’s cymbals, and the whole thing sounds so…awesome.

‘Jaded’ is a great song from a great album in Wilt. Line Leader have got themselves off to a good start here. I look forward to hear what’s next for them.

(Featured image taken by Stavi Xinou)

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