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Oli Hannaford – ‘Running Slow’ | Single Review

‘Running Slow’ is the new single from Soul singer Oli Hannaford. It’s about the moment of post-argument tension, in which time slows down and you wonder how long you should give it before attempting to reconcile. We’ve all been through those moments, and usually I’ll give it at least a couple months before saying hello… Continue reading Oli Hannaford – ‘Running Slow’ | Single Review

Single Review

Wave Break – ‘Plaster City’ | Single Review

Wave Break are back with their second single ‘Plaster City’ and it is a doozy. I had the lovely fortune of digging their debut ‘Deadlock’ and even had an interview with them too, and not only do they make good music but they’re also very nice people too. I like them. ‘Plaster City’ is all… Continue reading Wave Break – ‘Plaster City’ | Single Review

Single Review

Guillotine Sunbeam – ‘Bars Beneath Your Skin’ | PREMIERE

Guillotine Sunbeam is a FANTASTIC name for a project and it is also the musical product of Yoni Collier. Yoni has been around the industry for a little while now but is now finally looking at releasing his own material, and that starts off with the superb new single ‘Bars Beneath Your Skin’. I’m super… Continue reading Guillotine Sunbeam – ‘Bars Beneath Your Skin’ | PREMIERE

Album Review

The Fratellis – In Your Own Sweet Time | Album Review

The Fratellis return with new album In Your Own Sweet Time. These guys burst onto the scene back in 2006 with the still-excellent Costello Music and certainly left a mark on every Wedding, Party, Prom, WHATEVER with a couple of strong hits, but now look to have found their way again with this new record.… Continue reading The Fratellis – In Your Own Sweet Time | Album Review


Twin Ritual | An Interview With

Twin Ritual are responsible for dropping one of my favourite singles of the year ‘Is It Paranoia?’ earlier this year, and have also dropped a superb EP in the form of Hand Through the Mist. Just to throw the cherry on top of all this loveliness, Laura from the band had a little chinwag with… Continue reading Twin Ritual | An Interview With

Single Review

Rob Drabkin – ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ | Single Review

It’s very easy to use sad experiences as a way to create music, but there’s often not a lot of music going round that details the joy of life. I’ve dabbled in making music over the years, and a lot of the songs I write about usually revolve around the struggle of not always having… Continue reading Rob Drabkin – ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ | Single Review