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Me Like Bees – ‘Long Gone’ | Single Review

‘Long Gone’ is the new single from Me Like Bees, and we’re talking about it just before the release of the band’s new EP Songs From the Realm. The EP is set to be released on 30th March and you know that? Me Like Bees too. They’re buzzy little things that willingly produce honey and… Continue reading Me Like Bees – ‘Long Gone’ | Single Review


Emma Taylor | An Interview With

Emma Taylor is a singer-songwriter who’s relatively new to the music scene. Having released her debut EP Hazy last year, and her track ‘New Found Sound’ taking off on Spotify, it seems she might be worth keeping an ear or two. I’m so stoked to have had an interview with her, so thank you to… Continue reading Emma Taylor | An Interview With

Single Review

The Creature Comfort – ‘Alone By Your Side’ | Single Review

Anything that has the quality to make me flail my arms around is bound to be good. Except if it’s a spider that’s landed on my back. I’ve got a huge fear of spiders, and one time there was a huge one scuttling around my bedroom and at one point it was on my being.… Continue reading The Creature Comfort – ‘Alone By Your Side’ | Single Review

Single Review, Song of the Week

Cannibal Animal – ‘Ellipsisism’ | Song of the Week

Not only is ‘Ellipsisism’ a very satisfying word to say, it’s also the lead single from Cannibal Animal’s new EP A Decline In Morality. The Hull quartet look to experiment with more complex rhythms and grooves and well, the result is something that could lead to some very complex shapes cut on the dancefloor. This… Continue reading Cannibal Animal – ‘Ellipsisism’ | Song of the Week


Good Sounds Playlist | 19.03.2018

It's time for a new set of songs to dig on this week's Good Sounds Playlist! I've noticed we're creeping ever so closely to the 30 subscriber mark on Spotify, so if you could check it out and get into that Follow hype that would be much appreciated. This week's playlist starts off a little… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 19.03.2018

EP Review, Release of the Week

Some Villains – Outliers EP | Release of the Week

Outliers is the new EP from Some Villains. The four piece from Somerset produce a kind of music that fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins and the like should enjoy and has even been described as ‘perpetual motion’ which I really wish I said first. ‘Master Sun’ kicks off… Continue reading Some Villains – Outliers EP | Release of the Week