Good Sounds Playlist | 05.03.2018

It’s time to start your week off RIGHT, and the only way to do that (other than not go to work) is to check out this week’s Good Sounds Playlist. This week is particularly good to talk about as it features a lot of new artists, ones who’ve also released new singles, EPs or albums. So not only is it ten brand new songs, it’s also a lot of doorways into new EPs and records too. As always, don’t forget to smash that follow button on Spotify and make sure to tell your loved ones about the playlist, as it’ll be superb if we could continue growing a community of people who are simply into new music. Have a great week!

Good Sounds Playlist | 05.03.2018:

DYLYN – ‘American Nightmare’ (from new album Sauvignon and a Kimono)

THE CATCH – ‘Tie Dye’

Exnations – ‘Can’t Get Hurt’

Foster the People – ‘Sit Next To Me’ (Stereotypes remix)

Mosie – ‘Look@ugo’

Fulton Lee – ‘The Wire’ (From new EP Baby Blue)

Colin Magalong – ‘Blossom’

Miami Horror – ‘Leila’

Tuxedo ft. Zapp – ‘Shy’

Jordy Searcy – ‘Rosalyn’

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