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Me Like Bees – ‘Long Gone’ | Single Review

‘Long Gone’ is the new single from Me Like Bees, and we’re talking about it just before the release of the band’s new EP Songs From the Realm. The EP is set to be released on 30th March and you know that? Me Like Bees too. They’re buzzy little things that willingly produce honey and will only strike as a last resort – kind of like myself. So get yourselves a pint of sugar water and come ingest some of this sweetness.

This track has some seriously beefy instruments going for it. The bassline can only be described as THICC while the guitars are loaded with distortion and wah-wah to immediately create an instrumental that is absolutely determined to sink an earworm or two into your face. There are hints of Bluesy goodness throughout, with harmonies aplenty and riffs that seem to sink into your hips, and it all just sounds so good. SO GOOD.

‘Long Gone’ is a great track and definitely one that could revive any Bees out there. Whatever’s happening in this realm seems to produce some good sounds and Me Like Bees makes me wanna be a part of it.

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