Good Sounds Playlist | 26.03.2018

What up! Welcome to the final Good Sounds Playlist of March! It is mental to think that we’re going to be in the fourth month of 2018 already – time is flying by so quickly and it’s slightly terrifying. This week’s playlist is another mix of well known artists and soon to be discovered artists. I’ve gotten back into heavier, guitar-based music lately so this might signal the direction of the playlist for the next couple weeks or so. Until the trap-hop phase kicks in. So help me God. Anyway, enjoy! and I hope you have a great end of the month!

Good Sounds Playlist | 26.03.2018:

The Black Keys – ‘Everlasting Light’
The Noise Figures – ‘Telepath’
Wave Break – ‘Plaster City’
Josh Homme – ‘Nobody To Love’
The Fratellis – ‘Stand Up Tragedy’
David Bowie – ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’
The White Stripes – ‘We’re Going to Be Friends’
Falcon Jane – ‘Go With The Flow’
Lauren Strange – ‘If I Could’
Dinosaur Jr. – ‘Tiny’

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