Oli Hannaford – ‘Running Slow’ | Single Review

‘Running Slow’ is the new single from Soul singer Oli Hannaford. It’s about the moment of post-argument tension, in which time slows down and you wonder how long you should give it before attempting to reconcile. We’ve all been through those moments, and usually I’ll give it at least a couple months before saying hello to my other half again, just to be safe – or order a Chinese.

But rather than be too much of a soppy song, ‘Running Slow’ suddenly reflects on the other side of the argument – why should I be the one to say sorry? Why should I be the one to order the Chinese? NOPE. I AIN’T GONNA DO IT. The track showcases this by suddenly ramping up the synth sounds, and introduces some crashing drums that indicate the rage that has come from this realisation. The vocals loop into a continuous yell of BE THERE NOW as a rabid act of defiance.

It makes for some great listening, and turns what was an otherwise smooth track into one full of fire and fury. Awesome.

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