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Wave Break – ‘Plaster City’ | Single Review

Wave Break are back with their second single ‘Plaster City’ and it is a doozy. I had the lovely fortune of digging their debut ‘Deadlock’ and even had an interview with them too, and not only do they make good music but they’re also very nice people too. I like them. ‘Plaster City’ is all about standing up to people who try and tear you down, and that could even be yourself. It’s all deep for sure, but just know that you are a snowflake in an entire world of snow.

With thunderous drums and a guitar riff that’s very catchy, ‘Plaster City’ is a great little dive into Pop Punk territory that’s very easy to enjoy. The vocals from Kelly Barber are full of passion and let loose on the lyrics that are defiant beyond belief, and it makes for some good listening indeed.

I’m excited to see where Wave Break goes from here. The two singles they’ve released so far have been good so I’d really like to see an EP or an album out of them soon…please.

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