Good Sounds Playlist | 30.04.2018

Good morning all! It's a brand new week which means a brand new set of candy for your hungry ears. This week's Good Sounds Playlist has a bit of a sensual feel to it - I was at a wedding this past weekend and there was a lot of Love and happiness going on, so… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 30.04.2018

Single Review

Hotel Mira – ‘3AM Lullaby’ | Single Review

New chapters and reinventions are good. Regardless of how little the change may be, there’s something about doing something new that really refreshes things. I’ve done it before by changing my hairstyles from shit to a bit shit. Hotel Mira have done the same, choosing to say bye bye to former name JPNSGRLS and have… Continue reading Hotel Mira – ‘3AM Lullaby’ | Single Review

Single Review

Coleman Hell – ‘Killer’ | Single Review

Coleman Hell returns with new single ‘Killer’. His 2016 debut album Summerland certainly made a splash or two; producing a couple certified hits in the form of ‘2 Heads’ and ‘Fireproof’, and Coleman looks set to do the same with this new track. With its tropical vibes, ‘Killer’ is a track that aims to charm… Continue reading Coleman Hell – ‘Killer’ | Single Review

Single Review

Darrah – ‘Another’ | Single Review

Darrah returns with his new single in the form of ‘Another’. In three songs Darrah has proved that he is quite the diverse musician. First was the summery goodness of ‘Can’t Tax the Sun’ which was followed up by the celestial-longing of ‘Stars’ and now ‘Another’ looks set to round off this trifecta with another… Continue reading Darrah – ‘Another’ | Single Review


Croatia | An Interview With

Welcome to another interview! This time we're talking to Croatia, a four piece who are all about making you shake your little tailfeathers. Here we chat to them about their latest single 'Make Circles' and their upcoming EP New Dreams which is set to be released sometime VERY soon! Thank you to the band for… Continue reading Croatia | An Interview With

Single Review

Blushes – ‘Honey’ | Single Review

One of the coolest parts of music blogging is discovering hot new bands. This is a trait I pride myself on when it comes to featuring music on Sounds Good, and I am very excited to add Blushes to the list. These guys are a four piece from Aylesbury here in the UK and are… Continue reading Blushes – ‘Honey’ | Single Review