Single Review

Silver Wilson – ‘Let You Go’ | Single Review

‘Let You Go’ is the new single from Nottingham/Leeds’ own Silver Wilson. These guys are a quartet looking to add a little bit of Indie goodness into your lives, and they have certainly achieved that with me. Suddenly the sun is shining, the birds are singing and Domino’s are on their way. Thanks guys. The… Continue reading Silver Wilson – ‘Let You Go’ | Single Review

Liner Notes

Amster-damn | Liner Notes – April 2018

What’s up my dudes! How’s it going? It is the month of April and blimey, we’re nearly halfway through the year, and I’m 25 in two months. Oh dear god. Anyway, it’s time for another Liner Notes! This month’s post will contain a little bit of everything really – Life. Work. How I still don’t… Continue reading Amster-damn | Liner Notes – April 2018

Single Review

Sunday Arches – ‘Holding A Flame’ | Single Review

‘Holding A Flame’ is the latest single to come from Sunday Arches, a four piece from somewhere very close to home. YUP, these guys are from Essex, and have fortunately never had to experience the eighth wonder of the world known as Basildon Bus Station. I’m a little jealous, but this single, and their new… Continue reading Sunday Arches – ‘Holding A Flame’ | Single Review

Single Review

The Sea Atlas – ‘Ripped Jeans’ | Single Review

The Sea Atlas is the project of singer-songwriter Calum Buchanan, and this new single – ‘Ripped Jeans’ – looks to build upon the release of last year’s debut album Dreams. Personally, I don’t see the appeal of ripped jeans, especially the ones that seem to have rips all the way up the legs. It just… Continue reading The Sea Atlas – ‘Ripped Jeans’ | Single Review

Single Review

Deanna Petcoff – ‘Terribly True’ | Single Review

‘Terribly True’ is the debut single from Toronto’s Deanna Petcoff. Deanna has begun to branch out into her own adventure following the disbanding of former band Pins & Needles, and looks set to make an impact of her own. And blimey does this song make an impact. With an instrumental that flits between easy-going head… Continue reading Deanna Petcoff – ‘Terribly True’ | Single Review