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Colin Magalong – ‘Melo’ | Release of the Week

Colin Magalong is quickly becoming one of my favourite discoveries. His debut ‘Blossom’ still receives heavy rotation to this day and his second – ‘Melo’ – looks to be the perfect follow up. This emerging artist delivers a wonderful blend of Funk and Nu-Disco with just a hint of modern Pop and the result is something that makes my ears thank me. I am so excited to hear more from this guy.

While ‘Blossom’ took a more immediate approach with it’s sound, ‘Melo’ looks to take a second to set the tone first. Pulsating synths provide the right atmosphere for a sunset-painted evening while Colin croons his way towards the sea, and once we reach that splash in the water the song kicks off in a big way. An effortlessly desirable groove kicks in to fill the room with a feel good vibe that only grows with each listen – it’s superb.

For real, get into this guy NOW before you’re too late to make recommendations. You’ll be the coolest person around if you get on the hype wagon before anyone else. ‘Melo’ is a fantastic song, and seriously, get into it.

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