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Erin Rae – ‘Can’t Cut Loose’ | Single Review

‘Can’t Cut Loose’ is the first taste of new music from singer-songwriter Erin Rae and it is a doozy. I too cannot cut loose too often, as it usually means the beginning of a spiralling downfall that typically ends up with a lot of empty pizza boxes around me. It’s a shame, but at least this new single is quite the opposite of that image – it’s real nice.

With warm acoustic guitars, slick bluey-licks and effortless floaty vocals, this song has it all. It’s so very easy to get wrapped up in it’s delightful cloud of relaxed sunshine. ‘Can’t Cut Loose’ has this quality that makes it very pleasant to listen to but has the danger of immediately getting stuck in your head too. What a terrible predicament to have.

‘Can’t Cut Loose’ is a lovely song and is also a great way to get excited for Erin Rae’s new album. It’s set to be released in early June and well, it’s bound to be the perfect accompaniment to a perfect summertime. Awesome.

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