Dish Pit – ‘Trash Queen’ | Song of the Week

Ahhhhhhhhh I’ve been waited so long to be able to talk about this and FINALLY it’s out. ‘Trash Queen’ is the debut single from Dish Pit, a trio of Montreal determined to bring some dirty lo-fi Punk to your ears.

This track has everything you could possibly want: frantic tempo, thunderous drums, heavy guitar riffs and lots and lots and lots of screeching and roaring vocals. It’s immense, and a real kick to the teeth. It also has a slight catchy appeal to it, so while you’re busy picking up dem molars you can also have a little jig too. Which makes being Gums McGee pretty worth it I’d say.

‘Trash Queen’ is one of the most explosive debuts I’ve heard, and I’m an instant fan of Dish Pit. Here’s another act you should keep your ears out for.

3 thoughts on “Dish Pit – ‘Trash Queen’ | Song of the Week

  1. […] Back in April my ears were treated to something naughty. Montreal trio Dish Pit burst onto the scene with their debut ‘Trash Queen’ and I’ve essentially been in love ever since. Now they return with second single ‘1000 Ways To Die’ and my god, it’s good. It’s all about how everybody around the same age appears to be depressed and well, can you blame us? I can’t even enjoy video games nowadays without being labelled as a failure. Fuck that, I want to play GTA and live my life in peace. […]


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