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Blushes – ‘Honey’ | Single Review

One of the coolest parts of music blogging is discovering hot new bands. This is a trait I pride myself on when it comes to featuring music on Sounds Good, and I am very excited to add Blushes to the list. These guys are a four piece from Aylesbury here in the UK and are looking like the real deal right now. They’re all over the radio, appearing on numerous playlists and even made it on NME’s 100 Artists for 2018 list, which is awesome. Their latest song ‘Honey’ is sweet as…

Blushes combine elements of Indie Rock and RnB to create a sound that’s rough in all the right places but comes with a side that’s oh so smooth. ‘Honey’ bleeds out a dazzling array of sun-kissed melodies and fuzzy, groovy basslines to create an instrumental that’s easily drinkable. The male/female vocal dynamic adds layers to the mix, and really helps drive home the energy and hooks of the track. Essentially, this is like having no choice but to run right at the hive to get to the Honey. It’s that good.

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