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Hotel Mira – ‘3AM Lullaby’ | Single Review

New chapters and reinventions are good. Regardless of how little the change may be, there’s something about doing something new that really refreshes things. I’ve done it before by changing my hairstyles from shit to a bit shit. Hotel Mira have done the same, choosing to say bye bye to former name JPNSGRLS and have a little reboot of their own instead.

Hotel Mira cement this revamp with a new single in the form of ‘3AM Lullaby’. The song goes against the grain of what’d you expect a lullaby in the early hours to be – loud, full of pounding drums and hooks upon hooks upon hooks that’ll keep you up all night. One trait that could be fitting is the lyrical content forever pondering the point of our existence, which is something the song and I have in common.

‘3AM Lullaby’ is a great way to kick off a new beginning. Hotel Mira bring together a plethora of sounds and genres to create something that’s catchy in it’s grittiness, and has me wanting more.

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