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JESUS CMPLXX – ‘Suvi’ | Single Review

‘Suvi’ is the debut single from JESUS CMPLXX. After a decade of working at Sony Music Canada and rubbing shoulders with the likes of John Legend and Beyoncé, this project is all about regaining a passion for music that might have been lost in a corporate setting. It’s almost like if I quit my job… Continue reading JESUS CMPLXX – ‘Suvi’ | Single Review

Album Review

Favourite Albums of 2018 | So Far!

Bloody hell, we’re halfway through the year already! It really shows how time is something we can never really control, as the second (pun) you feel in control, suddenly six months have flown by and you’re left wondering what the hell you’ve been doing. Fortunately, there’s been an absolute plethora of great music to help… Continue reading Favourite Albums of 2018 | So Far!

Single Review, Song of the Week

Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – ‘Neighbourhood Cats’ | Song of the Week

You know, a lot of bands have been featured on Sounds Good whom I’ve become good friends with, or attribute a certain piece of history or time with. Whether or not that makes me a universal groupie, I don’t know. But there’s one particular band I share a connection with that’s lasted throughout the entire… Continue reading Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – ‘Neighbourhood Cats’ | Song of the Week


Good Sounds Playlist | 28.05.2018

Whaddup! Here's a newly updated Good Sounds Playlist for you to sink your ears into! Personally, I feel this might be the best week yet. The grooves and riffs amongst the songs featured are, naughty. I dig it, and I hope you do too. Good Sounds Playlist | 28.05.2018: CHVRCHES - 'The Mother… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 28.05.2018

Album Review, Release of the Week

Parquet Courts – Wide Awake! | Release of the Week

Parquet Courts have always been a band I’ve felt offered something special but just lacked that little dust of sunshine to make it click. Having been around since 2013 and building a solid discography since, it seems they have finally found that sunshine. Wide Awake! Is their new studio album, and well, I’d suggest not… Continue reading Parquet Courts – Wide Awake! | Release of the Week

Single Review

Modern Leisure – ‘Girls In Black’ | Single Review

‘Girls In Black’ is the new single from Modern Leisure and it’s also the second single to come from the upcoming Super Sad Rom-Com, also known as Modern Leisure’s debut album which is out on June 29th via Guilty Pleasure Records. I’m quite partial to a Rom-Com, you know. My favourite would probably be Crazy… Continue reading Modern Leisure – ‘Girls In Black’ | Single Review