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Back In A Bit | Liner Notes – June 2018

Hi there! Welcome to June’s Liner Notes, which will go over the fact that it is MY BIRTHDAY TODAY and also a quick update on the blog for the next couple weeks. Yep, as of this post going out I will be 25 years old and having an existential crisis of sorts, but that’s okay. ANYWAY, Sounds Good will be inactive for the next two weeks as I was celebrating my birthday over this past weekend and will be away on holiday for the next week after that.

To everyone who has sent over their music to me via emails or the socials, thank you very much. I will be getting back to you and doing a whole load of writing for the day I’m back and the wonderful Monday I booked off work. That is if I can be arsed. So yeah, I’ll probably still be a little active on Twitter so make sure to stay in touch, and I will see you soon! Cheers.

3 comments on “Back In A Bit | Liner Notes – June 2018

  1. Happy Birthday Adam. You’re still in the bud of your youth.

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  2. happy belated birthday

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