Holly Rees – ‘Magpie’ | Song of the Week

Holly Rees is a singer-songwriter and this is her new single ‘Magpie’. She burst onto the scene last year with the release of debut EP Ilex and now looks set to follow it up with Slow Down, her second EP which’ll be released in August. Personally I’ve nothing against Magpies, and honestly I think it’s cool that they nick shiny things. They’re the pirates of the Avian world, aren’t they?

This sleek acoustic number is a floaty little listen with guitars full of swing and Holly’s wonderful crooning detailing all sorts of what she did when she headed into town. (Who knew purchasing a new guitar could sound so cool?) It adds an intimate feel to the track that engages the listener to concentrate a little bit more on the song which helps open it up into one that’s very entertaining. I love the constant flow of the acoustic guitar and the subtle vocal harmonies throughout, and reckon I’m proper excited to hear Slow Down now.

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