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Fyra – ‘U Wanna’ | Single Review

Some songs are just full of absolute sexiness, aren’t they? They just have this air about them that immediately makes your pants tight and your breath bated. ‘U Wanna’ is the new single from LA’s own Fyra, and it is making my pants tight. No no, it’s not because I’m carrying a little holiday weight.

This smooth RnB number immediately fills the room with an atmosphere that’s laced in smoke and rife with sensual sensibilities. Fyra’s vocals croon all over the silky synthesisers and the rugged basslines, definitely setting the tone for some saucy unveilings in the near future. I absolutely adore the chorus which injects some extra texture into the mix with it’s distorted guitars to really ramp up the need to take a cold shower. Ooof.

‘U Wanna’ is a fantastic song from Fyra and one that definitely gets me excited for this emerging artist. Now, I need some time alone.

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